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Spend less. Sell more. Know why.

0real people seen last month nationwide in our networks


We are custom audience builders, refining audiences down to exactly those that your business wants to contact or understand

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Focused on US locations where showing up is a key indicator of a person demonstrating intent​


Choose real people from one of our existing category-based networks​ OR build your own custom audience


We can deliver an incremental, accurate, in market view of real people at any location in the US

The Data of Intent

We’ve built a universe of nearly 75% of the adult, US mobile population – over 300 million reachable consumers for your campaigns.

We can define the exact audience you want to reach to meet and exceed your business goals.

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Exploring the Refinition process

  • Custom Build

    Where are your target customers and what would you like to see them doing

  • Audience Development

    Define location target

  • Audience Refinition

    Refine audience at those locations to meet target persona(s)

  • Execution

    Execute through your own PII approved vendor or Refinition can turn-key execute

  • Continued Refinition

    Know why your campaign worked and continue the process of audience refinition


Understand the overall category-based journey

Marketers today face many issues with click to brick, often wondering “do my ads drive engagement at my location?”

We can solve for that – our proprietary attribution tool enables us to identify those that “click” and if/when they show up at “brick.”

We measure your audience and tie them back to verified action.

We'll know if the campaign resulted in a journey and what its timeline looked like.

No guesswork required.

We can even follow their overall category-based journey.

Ready to sell more, spend less, repeat often?

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